Freelancer Corporate – A new account type designed for powerusers of the Freelancer platform.

UX/UI Design
Visual Design

Background has two key user types; Freelancers and Employers. Freelancers are users looking for work on our platform. While employers are users looking to hire freelancers to get work done.

Over time we discovered it was common to find teams of freelancers working behind single accounts. We also received feature requests for introducing 'teams' and better tools for collaboration into the platform.

This lead us to the 'Freelancer Corporate' product, a new account type designed with teams in mind. This project was challenging with interesting usecases to consider across user level types, new profile features, onboarding, branding and marketing.

Corporate Teams

At it's core Freelancer Corporate extends a freelancer account to have these extra features: a nominated business name, custom portfolio categories, corporate badge, and richer bid cards. These are all aimed at adding crediblity, but does not introduce any extra team collaboration tools.

Teams is offered as an upgrade once a user owns a Corporate account. Corporate Teams extends existing Freelancer Corporate accounts to enhance collaboration when working on projects. These extra features include group chat, shared billing, shared bidding and more.