One Spaceship – A collection of projects shaping the core mobile and web app experiences.

Mobile App
Web App


Spaceship has two core products: Spaceship Voyager (managed fund portfolios) and Spaceship Super (superannuation), with interesting platform challenges.

In the early days, Spaceship Super only existed as a web app and Spaceship Voyager only existed as a mobile app. Both products differed in their branding, component styling and even sat on different domains! A large chunk of my early work focusses on the challenge of merging these two seperate multiplatform experiences into one consolidated and cohesive experience.

Behold the story of One Spaceship.

Part 1. Spaceship Voyager Web App

This was my first project when I joined Spaceship. The brief? Create a web app experience to compliment the existing mobile app experience and explore the untapped potential of allowing Voyager members to access the product from any browser. During this time I worked directly with engineering and marketing teams as the product team did not exist untill months later. This project was designed to be an experiment at the time, but we later found users had appetite for the web app - some preferred it over the mobile app at the time.

Part 2. Adding Super into the Spaceship App

Adding the super product into the existing Voyager-only mobile app had its own hurdles which included a brand refresh to bring the experiences together, and heavy compliance approval due to the restrictive nature of the financial products space.

Part 3. Combined Super and Voyager Web App

This was the final piece of One Spaceship project and perhaps the hardest peice from the engineering side due to the apps sitting on two different web stacks. The team decided it would be best to migrate the old super experience into the newer stack of the voyager web app. I assisted with refreshing the super experience so that it felt seamless when switching between both products in the web app.

Component Library

Throughout this consolidation project I made a concious effort to create a component libray to document all the design rules and styling choices I had created along the way. It was not perfect, but it was a work in progress.