Zap – A digital wallet allowing you to spend crypto anywhere and earn rewards.

UX/UI Design

The Challenge hosted their first cryptocurrency and blockchain hackathon in 2018. The challenge was to create innovative solutions to use this emerging payments technology.

My dream team decided to create a digital wallet app called 'Zap'. Zap allows users to easily spend crypto and earn rewards. The app allows instant currency transfer between fiat/crypto holdings.

Our unique value proposition is users can earn 'Zap Rewards' that can be eventually exchanged for crypto. Rewards are earned through referrals, making transactions and certain milestones.

Simple, trustworthy and easy to use are the design principles I focussed on throughout this project.

Dream team with 2+ years working together

Albert Hitanaya - Blockchain Developer
Mike Titchen - Product Manager / Growth
Steven Sinatra - React Expert
Samantha Borg - Design Guru

(Pssst..we also won the hackathon!)

Winning the hackathon came as a bonus to me but I'm really glad our hard work paid off. I had lots of fun undertaking this project over such a short amount of time and look forward to many more hackathons in the future!